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Peter Pan - Mayflower Theatre Southampton
Michael Rose Productions
Starring - Ben Richards, Les Dennis, Lucy Benjamin, Daniel Boys

"The costumes, designed by Carry On Costumes, were fantastic"
The Public Reviews

"The stunning sets, sumptuous costumes, flying acrobatics, Smee's cheesy jokes and a sprinkling of fairy dust make Peter Pan the perfect treat for the whole family this Christmas"

"Big Costumes, Big sets"

"My favourite scene sees the mermaids dazzle us with their glittery fins and song, swimming and dancing around the stage"
Portsmouth news


Peter Pan - Grand Canal Theatre - Dublin
Michael Rose Productions
Starring - Ben Richards, Les Dennis, Maureen Nolan, Daniel Boys

"Sets, costume and lighting are enchanting."
The Herald


Cinderella - Cambridge Arts Theatre
Starring - Sheila Ferguson, Lewis Brady

"With it's painted fairytale backdrops, raucous audience participation and costumes that could have been made for Elton John, this is every minute the traditional regional panto"
The Stage - Andrew Aldridge

"Costumes hardly ever feature in a review in their own right, but everyone around me agreed that these were the star of the show. The ugly sister in a Lady Ga Ga Danish bacon outfit has to take the prize, surely."

"And, of course, in Cinderella you get not one dame but two. Andy Spiegel and Adam Price were splendid and resplendent in some inspired costumes"
The Public Reviews - Angela Singer

"The outrageous getups sported by Beatrice and Eugenie culminated in a riot of tinsel and glitter"
What's On Stage

Aladdin - Mayflower Theatre - Southampton
Michael Rose Productions
Starring - Paul O Grady

"Lily Savage is back, blessed with a full orchestra, sumptuous costumes and lavish sets, this is a classy pantomime"
The Bournemouth Echo


Cinderella – Mayflower Theatre – Southampton
Michael Rose Productions – cast included Christopher Biggins
Matthew Kelly, Stephanie Powers, Craig McLachlan

“Ugly sisters in a wild wardrobe of glorious unsuitable gowns”
“The wicked sisters in their underwear, a medley of pointed boobs and rounded bums……. Bum overplants which gave the two Mathews their trendy Jo-Lo posteriors”
Ester Rantzen – The Sun

“Ugly sisters with the most incredible costumes imaginable”
Daily Echo, Southampton

“The Fairy Godmother donning a dress that would make Barbie go weak at the knees”
Listed Magazine